Excellent art for Excellent games

Roland's Revenge is a studio specialised in art for games, digital and tabletop. I believe in close collaborations to make great games exceptional. I have 12 years of experience working in games production. When I am not illustrating or playing games I can often be found designing my own. Check out Ruthless or Suspicion for an example. Working with a designer who understands the medium, player interaction and production can make all the difference to the flow of a project. I look forward to seeing what we can create together. 


Get in touch. I would love to help you make your next game Excellent


Roland is an incredibly insightful and skilled artist and art director. It has been a pleasure and awe-inspiring to work with him on Shogun 2 at the Creative Assembly. Roland’s illustrations for Shogun 2 are perhaps the most outstanding single artistic achievement during the 10+ years of development of the brand. Kudos.
— Kevin McDowell, Art Director (Total War Brand) Creative Assembly
It was a pleasure working with you on our biggest (and most difficult) project ever! Always thinking with us to find the best solutions and always accurate and on time. We are very happy working together!
— Marijke Otto, Board Game Developer at Identity Games