Western Legends hits Kickstarter.


For many months I have been busily working away Western Legends. A sandbox style board game based in a the Wild West and featuring iconic characters of the era. This game comes from new company Kolossal games. Headed by Travis Chance a well established name in the industry. We met at Essen in 2016 when he was working with Indie Boards and Cards and I pitched him my own game Ruthless. Western Legends has just launched on Kickstarter and funded very fast. It is a great project and you should take a look.

The art direction of the game presented an interesting challenge. Designing something bold, thematic but also unique and not cliche. After trying out a few options we decided to go for a comic/painterly vibe. It feels both appropriate to the them but also fresh. 

Screenshot 2017-11-15 13.29.54.png

This is quite a different style to some of the other work in my portfolio and took some practice to get the right feel of loose, expressive ink and watercolour. The illustrations could have been more precise but the benefit significantly from the exaggerated roughness. It gives the illustrations movement though spontaneity.


Once the base content was established then I was able to tackle the player boards and later the game board. Here I decided to adjust the style. Keeping the painterly quality but going for something with more body and tactility.

Player Board

Game Board


The campaign ends on 29th Jan. After that I will add a full project into my portfolio.