Total War, from Creative Assembly/SEGA is the premium strategy war game for desktop computing. For two years I worked as Concept Artist, Illustrator and Art Director for what is arguably the most stylish game in the series. As well as producing hundreds of illustrations, guiding the look and feel of the map and 3D assets I also made a selection of the UI assets. All of the work had to be a convincing imitation of Ukiyo-e prints and silk paintings. I spent a lot of time developing techniques to digitally simulate natural materials. I also studied the style intensively so I could capture an authentic feeling.

Roland is an incredibly insightful and skilled artist and art director. It has been a pleasure and awe-inspiring to work with him on Shogun 2 at the Creative Assembly. Roland’s illustrations for Shogun 2 are perhaps the most outstanding single artistic achievement during the 10+ years of development of the brand. Kudos.
— Kevin McDowell, Art Director (Total War Brand) Creative Assembly